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General issues

Will it work correctly?

Absolutely. Moreover, it will work all over the world. But there is one important point: if your plastic card has a contactless payment function, your metal card will not have it. Use your smart device for contactless payments. This has a huge marketing benefit — you can show your company logo every time you pay and people will notice and remember it.

Is it safe?

Of course. We care about your financial security. We recommend that you freeze your card before shipping. Also, we never record your personal data. We just transfer your chip to another shell.

How long does the whole process take?

The customizing process takes about 24 hours. As for the whole process, it depends on where you send your card from and what type of delivery you will be using. We recommend sending by verified services.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

You need to act as usual: please contact your bank ASAP.

Will it work in ATM machines?

However, we recommend using only those ATM machines that require partial insertion of the card, because some full insertion machine’s rollers may be too stiff to eject the card. Due to the metal cards being heavier than plastic ones.

Is my new metal card compatible?

Almost any plastic card that has a chip and(or) a magnetic strip can be customized. Please make sure it fits before you ship. The list of compatible chip types is here.

Chips list

In case you ship a non-compatible chip we will not be able to make a refund.


Which countries do you ship to?

Everywhere. Worldwide to places with delivery services. Please keep in mind that there can be some delays due to the current situation.

How to calculate the amount of shipping?

It depends on delivery terms and your address. Please choose the most reliable options.

How long does it take to send it back?

The customization process takes 24 hours. Then we ship your cards by USPS, check shipping times here:
We strongly recommend using a tracking delivery service.


How to choose design?

It’s up to you! Use your imagination: you can apply your company logo, motivational phrase, something meaningful for you. Have no ideas? You can get inspired by some sources like Behance and others, or contact us via email:
You are fully responsible for the image. We are not responsible for copyright and trademark infringement

Apply my logo

For marketing purposes, it is a really good idea. Upload your image/logo when creating the design. It is preferable to use a transparent background or vector file.